Patient Experience

-Ronald Prehn, DDS, D.ABDSM

“I ask questions based on comorbidities of OSA. I relate to the patient observations you have from your exam and from their history. I “build a case” based on their answers. Each symptom can be explained away as being caused by something else, but put it all together, it makes the patient become aware.”

-Aaron Im, DMD, Qualified Dentist

“While sleep bruxism is not always necessarily indicative of sleep-disordered breathing, as a dentist, I find that this topic is a great foot-in-the-door to explore the topics of sleep arousal and sleep fragmentation with the patient. This begins to raise questions and awareness about myofascial pain, TMD, and tooth wear. And then finally the screening appointment organically graduates into a discussion about OSA and its comorbidities. Once the patient begins to identify their own signs and symptoms with everything discussed, they typically leave well-motivated to go get a sleep study.”

-Walter Silva Jr., DDS, ABDSM International Certificant

“OSA has a huge prevalence in the population. In Brazil, my country, a study showed (Tufik, 2010) that roughly 1/3 of adults has OSA. Then, I use specific questionnaires and oximetry for all. Those with suspected OSA (desaturation and/or complaints) are referred to have a sleep study . I always emphasize the enormous problems that come from non-treated OSA. So, I explain all treatments and their benefits. Then, OAT is explained in detail.”

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